Have you lost your essential files from Lenovo Notebook hard drive and looking for the best tool to get back the lost data? Then stop worrying; as here is an excellent tool to recover files from Lenovo Notebook hard drive. Unless you have not saved new files on the lost or deleted files over your Lenovo hard drive, you can easily get back all your data with the help of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery software. This tool is designed specially to retrieve data from Lenovo laptops. It scans and recovers various types of files from Lenovo Notebook hard drive in few couple of clicks.

There are various instances, which lead to data loss from Lenovo hard disk drive. Let us know few of them in brief:

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, you may encounter a situation where you have to write new files on your Lenovo Notebook hard drive, but the free disk space will be low. At that time, you may go for removing unwanted files from your hard drive. During this time, you may accidentally delete some essential files using “Shift + Delete” or “Command + Shift + Delete” keys. Due to this, you will face severe data loss.

Unintended Formatting: At times, when you decide to format particular hard drive partition on your Lenovo Notebook, you may accidentally format some other partition by mistake. As a result, you will lose all your data from that particular hard drive partition.

Partition Corruption: When the hard drive partition of your Lenovo Notebook is severely affected by dreaded virus and malwares, it may result in the corruption of the partition, which may in turn result in inaccessible of the partition. In such a situation, you will encounter loss of data from that particular hard drive partition. Sometimes, virus and malwares may result in formation of bad sectors over your hard drive, which may also lead to partition corruption.

Deletion by Antivirus Tool: You may scan your Lenovo Notebook hard drive using some trusted and updated antic=virus tool in order to get rid of virus. At that time, this antivirus tool may automatically remove virus-infected files from your hard drive without any intimation. Unfortunately, those erased files would be your most important files.

File Transfer Obstruction: At times, when you want to format your Lenovo Notebook hard drive, you may go for moving all your needful files from your system to your portable storage device. During this time, you may abruptly pull out your removable storage device from the system. Or else, due to power outage, your system may get shut down. As a result, your files may get deleted from your Lenovo hard drive.

Besides, above discussed scenarios, you may also lose your data from Lenovo hard drive due to various other reasons like error during repartitioning, error while changing file system, file system corruption, deletion of partition and many others. If you come across any of these situations and failed to find the backup of lost files, then just make use of this software and easily recover files from Lenovo Notebook hard drive in few easy to execute steps. With the help of this powerful software you can even recover files from Lenovo G50 hard drives within quite efficient manner.

Features of Lenovo Hard Drive Recovery tool:

Using this tool, you can restore different types of files such as PDF files, images, videos, MP3 songs, Word documents, PowerPoint files, Excel sheets, and so on. It supports data recovery from Lenovo Notebook hard drive on both Mac and Windows oriented operating systems with utmost ease. This software can even retrieve data from Lenovo Notebook HDD of various types such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA. You can use this tool and easily recover data from hard drive of Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo Yoga 2 pro, and other Lenovo branded laptops or notebooks. One of the major benefits of this tool is that, after recovering data from hard drive in the demo version, it allows you to preview all the recovered files. You can save the data recovery session in the demo version by just selecting “Save Recovery Session” option. Moreover, after purchasing this tool, you can restore files from hard drive of Lenovo Notebook by just clicking on “Open Recovery Session” option. In addition to this, One can take advantage of this advanced tool to retrieve data from corrupted Lenovo L412 laptop hard drive in secure and safer way.

Simple Steps to Recover Data from Lenovo Notebook Hard Drive:-

Step 1: As you figure out that any of the files are missing from Lenovo Notebook hard drive, download, install and launch this software to open its Welcome Screen, as shown in Fig. 1.

Recover Files from Lenovo Notebook Hard Drive - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: As the next screen appear choose the drive where data loss happened and then click on Next button to initiate scanning process.

Recover Files from Lenovo Notebook Hard Drive - Choose Drive

Fig 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: Lastly, a list is shown on the software screen, from where you can preview files, as shown in Fig 3.

Recover Files from Lenovo Notebook Hard Drive - List of Restored Files

Fig 3: List of Restored Files